UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit for SMART2500XLHG UPS (RBC48V-HGTWR)

Артикул: RBC48V-HGTWR

Код: 154777
UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit for SMART2500XLHG UPS
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Tripp Lite's premium UPS replacement battery cartridges breathe new life into UPS systems suffering from expired or weak internal batteries. Each
replacement battery cartridge is carefully screened and certified to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications and ships ready for installation into your
UPS system. Reusable packaging holds expired batteries for recycling center delivery. Compatible with Tripp Lite Model SMART2500XLHG.
Гарантия 12 мес.
Тип Батарея
Производитель Tripp Lite
Напряжение, В 12
Емкость, Ач 7
Габариты (без клем), мм 100x302x338
Масса, кг более 10кг